D i V E R S E x h i b i t i o n

I have been experiencing a lot lately, human behaviour that reflects a sentiment of fear, hate and control towards diversity. It has shocked me. It has effected me so much that I have been forced to question everything we stand for.

In my time here I have only ever experienced diversity as a strength. In fact I have sought her out, and when I have encountered her, I have grown. Diversity is knowledge, evolution and choice.

I am referring to the diversity of human experience had by each of us. As much as we are all the same beings, we have each had our own unique conditioning and cumulation of experience. 7 Billion of us may be the same, but we are also different.

When reflecting on the images I have captured I observe vast differences at stages of my evolution through the medium. I have embraced these differences by letting the work speak to me with no over baring curation.

Mark William Logan is a Dublin born photographer who spent the last three years travelling North America, Ecuador, Peru, The Amazon & Hawaii. With a background in music and experiential he has found a Love in 35mm film. He appreciates most the intention the medium brings. He strives to force people to ask questions.





July 19th - 26th