The last time Allister and I hung out, L.A. was amidst the heat of summer and we were being drunk and silly on a rooftop in Hollywood, holding up the line for the photo booth. It was now early February and as we walked alongside, I found myself struggling to believe all that had unfolded in my life since that summer eve. 

There was no apparent reason for our prolonged time of distance. It just seemed to me like each time we planned to meet, somehow it wouldn’t materialise. Allister is super talented, and like a lot of us living in this transient city, a monthly flight out of LAX is customary. However, the time didn’t go by unnoticed. I felt Allister’s presence missing from my life during those months and often wondered how she was. We share a lot in our pursuit of life, love and art.

Thinking of her over those months led to a broader exploration of change. Everything is always moving. Forward being the perception of direction most humans carry. True or false that may be, but we are unarguably moving none the less.

Onward, we strolled. As we approached the market, she stopped walking for a second, turned towards me, just enough so I could see the whites of her eyes. She said that six weeks previous, she had surgery to remove her thyroid. It had become cancerous and needed to go. There was a slight yet fresh scar on her neck, which suddenly caught my eyeline. I embraced her in my arms and spoke softly.

Allister is a remarkably strong and driven woman. Her energy is powerful and creative. She is the type of person who can achieve anything she sets her mind to. I simply reminded her of this.

Life is always evolving, for everyone, in his/her own highly complex realities.

Silence and distance are just as much an indication of this movement and change as constant contact.

We spent the entire day together, rambling, laughing and eating. Trading stories of love, loss, growth and of course, cancer.

We as humans are constantly evolving. We are always the most evolved version of ourselves. At this very second, we are the most evolved version of ourselves we have ever been.

Onward time goes, onward we grow.

We can choose to let life’s challenges make us stop for a while,

or we can move.


In focus, inside left wrist reads: 'Love'