Closing Out! - Nouel Riel

Nouel Riel - A New Mythos

Twelve noon and I get a call from Nouel. She’s upset, worn out and just downright fucking tired. The last week was rough on both her body and mind to equal degree.

She's an artist, a light beam and a dear friend, so naturally I downed tools and came to her aid. The week previous had been her first solo LA show. It was a huge success with Nouel’s body of work coming together beautifully on opening night.

But what it had taken to get there had been taxing and it was time to get her art out of there.

We picked up the Uhaul truck and headed for the gallery, armed with 2 disposable cameras and my F50. 

We were there to capture her work, pack it in the truck and Close Out!

I snapped Nouel as she wandered through the space with her disposables capturing her work and her life as she began to turn the page on what had been a massive chapter of evolution.

Closed Out ! 

Take a look at her body of incredible work here: Nouel Riel .com